Top 3 Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

In the past decade, the Nigerian technology industry has added another dimension to what it used to be. We have witnessed the introduction of different hosting companies in Nigeria with relatively low pricing.

Though there is a host of them, one would have expected the competition to make them better but that has not been the case.

Top 3 Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 1

We still come across bad reviews that make some Nigerian bloggers or website owners to still look abroad for their hosting needs.

To come out with the best web hosting company in Nigeria, we took some factors into consideration.

The factors are:

Uptime: This is the total time your website is expected to stay live where people can access it. Most Nigerian web hosting companies seem to give below the expected uptime.

Pricing: This is taking into consideration how much their hosting plans cost. The cost is low, with just a few hundreds of naira you can get a hosting space for a month and discount when you pay for a year.

Customer Support: This is how the hosting customer support responds to issues brought to them by customers.

I have had some very wonderful responses from some Nigerian hosting companies when I had some issues and I have also been made to wait for too long sometimes.

We came out with these conclusions base on our experience, reviews from different forums and groups on social media.

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If you go to website hosting related forums consisting of those making use of hosting plans in Nigeria and ask what their experiences are, you are likely going to get very different and contrary answers.

Some will give good comments due to their experience and some bad comments due to their experience too. Well, no company will have all their customers satisfied but there is a percentage of unsatisfied customers that shows a serious problem.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 hosting companies in Nigeria.

Top 3 Hosting Companies in Nigeria


This company has been around for more than a decade. It is one of the best (when compared to other hosting companies in Nigeria) web hosting companies based in Nigeria. That does not mean their services measure up to the required standard. Whogohost is very popular among Nigerian bloggers as it hosts more than 40,000 websites.

Hosting Companies in Nigeria

This is the first Nigerian web hosting company I tried and I must say I wasn’t disappointed at first but things got really bad later on. Since I have been around the web for a while now, it was quite easy to set up a hosting plan with them. I  also think even a newbie would not find it any difficult to set up a hosting plan here.

Using Softaculous, you can install WordPress with another platform with a few clicks. You can monitor your usage to know your usage limit.

Whogohost Uptime: They claim to offer 99.99% uptime and I wish it is anything close to that. I give 80% uptime with slow servers. After a few months of using the service, I was really disappointed.

As at the time of writing this review, I have 2 websites with Whogohost and I am facing 2 different issues on both websites.

The first website, I have been trying to access my file manager for some time now without success. Before now I had the same issue which I complained and nothing was done, after a few weeks of trying, I was lucky that the server allowed me to. After that time I keep seeing the same error that is keeping me from accessing my file manager.

The second website, the server was down for 2 days and after everything was rectified, it takes the site approximately 8 seconds to load which is bad. This means visitors will have to wait for that long to access the website after clicking on it.

Whogohost Pricing: You can get a hosting plan for N400 per month and N4000 a year. Of course, this is the minimum plan, it comes with 2Gb storage space, 10Gb bandwidth, free.Ng domain extension, free SSL certificate e.t.c.

The maximum plan is called Supreme which cost N2,500 per month and N25,000 a year. It offers an unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free.NG domain extension, free SSL certificate e.t.c. Othe plans are Premium, Pro and Deluxe.

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Whogohost offers limited bandwidth and storage in all of its hosting plans. Just like many other hosting companies, Whogohost offers a website builder with the drag and drop functionalities which makes it super easy to create a website without the knowledge of programming. You should know that the website builder is not free. This will produce a responsive website which fits into all screen sizes like phone, tablet and desktop screens.

Whogohost Customer Support: I rate their customer service 5 in 10. The customer service is not impressive as I was made to wait for long before getting a reply, often times I struggled to hear what the customer service agent saying because of the noise from the other end.

More on the negative, I wish something can be done fast about response time to tickets, on different occasions I had to wait for a minimum of 6 hrs before getting a reply. But I always got my issues to solve which is a good thing.

On the positive, the Knowledge Base is really helpful as it contains a lot of information that can really make it easy to understand and find your way.

My Opinion: I think for a small or moderate website Whogohost will do just fine considering the limitations on the bandwidth and the storage. I wouldn’t advise a big website with lots of data to go that way. My experience with this company has been wonderful and I have really enjoyed using them for one of my websites for more than 3 years now.


Qserver was started in 2004 and they are one of the oldest web hosting companies in Nigeria. Their services are also very popular among Nigerian bloggers. Many reviews and reports go to show how popular this web hosting company is in the country.

Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Qserver Pricing: With Qserver, you can get a hosting plan for as low as N350 per month, that’s N3,500 a year. This fall under the starter plan which is the minimum. It offers 2Gb storage, 8Gb bandwidth, this plan comes with a free domain name, free SSL certificate, unlimited emails etc.

The maximum hosting plan called Mega offers a hosting plan space for N1,700 a month, that’s N17,000 a year. It comes with 30Gb storage, 120Gb Bandwidth, it comes with a free extension, free SSL certificate, unlimited emails e.t.c. Other hosting plans are Business, Developer, Pro and prices fall between the Starter plan and the Mega plan. They also offer 99.99% uptime.

Qserver Customer Support: Not so many web hosting companies in Nigeria have a good customer service and Qserver is one of them.

Through my personal experience and research, I have found Qserver lacking in this aspect as a report on Techcabal titled it ”Q servers are on their way to peril.

The customer help desk should do better in understanding technical issues as this can help them better understand issues the customers present.

My Opinion: The problem of limited bandwidth is still a problem here and this can really be a big problem for large publishers. Still web host suitable for small publishers.

Domain King

This web hosting company has been in around for almost a decade. It is very popular as well.

Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Domain King Pricing: The minimum hosting plan which is the Soldier plan goes for N300 per month and N3,600 a year. This plan offers 2Gb storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain extension, free SSL certificate e.t.c. The next plan is the Minister plan and then the King plan which is the biggest plan. The King plan offers unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, free SSL certificate e.t.c.

Domain King Customer Care: Though I haven’t made use of their service for a long time I was satisfied a few times I called to make an enquiry. I often look at the technical knowledge of the person at the other end, and I was really impressed by their explanation.

My opinion: Looking at the unlimited bandwidth offered by Domain King in all of its hosting plans, they will do more in containing bigger publishers.  But you still have one concern and that’s the uptime. So far so good the experience has been wonderful.


This is my honest review of the top 3 hosting companies in Nigeria. I have used the 3 companies in the past few months ( 7 to 5 months) to test and also run my new sites. As I said earlier, different people will have different opinions on what their experience has been using any of the above companies.

There is a lot of room for improvements and these companies can really step up because it’s so disappointing that you pay for a service you cannot use or that you struggle to use.


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