Fomo Ads Network Review: Google Adsense Alternative

Fomo Ads Network allows website/blog owners to monetize their site and earn additional income without stress. The disappointment from Google Adsense has really made many bloggers look for alternatives even though this has not been easy.

Fomo Ads Network

There are so many Google Adsense alternatives out there but today we want to talk about Fomo ad network. I read about it on some blogs and what I saw got me to try it and here I am to share it with you guys.

Sometimes publishers worry about how ads showed by a particular ad network will affect their site and the effect it will have on visitors. You don’t want the ads interfering with your contents causing discomfort to your readers or increasing your page loading time. Another worry is whether you get what you deserve for the amount of traffic and conversions you generate.

Getting Started with Fomo Ads Network

As a publisher, all you have to do is sign up under the publisher section, then fill out the form that will be presented to you. This form will have where you put your domain name, age range, and ad type. Upon submission of this form, a code will be generated for your site. Copy the code and paste in your site. One thing that is very commendable about this network, is how simple it is to get started.

I have to be honest here, I haven’t come across so many ad networks with less complication when setting up. From your dashboard, you can easily monitor your earnings, add other sites that you will like to monetize and also choose ad formats.

Requirements to Getting Started with Fomo Ads Network

Minimum Page Views

The first question that comes to the mind of most websites/ blog owners before signing up for any ads network is usually what the minimum page view requirement is.

Unlike many established ad networks that require a huge amount of traffic before accepting a publisher’s site, Fomo ads network does not have a minimum page view requirement.¬†This is good especially for newbie bloggers because they get to monetize their blogs easily by becoming Fomo ads publishers and earn great, without waiting for any number of page views.

I have also seen a site using a non-customized domain name like “.blogspot” use Fomo ads network, so I think they also accept all domains extensions.

As you can see this ad network is very good for small publishers and even bigger sites who may want to make more money from their site.

Fomo Ads Payment Threshold Requirements

There is no required threshold before payment and payment is automatic. You receive your payment on the first of every month via your papal account. This is a really good thing considering how difficult it can be at times for a new blogger to reach the payment threshold.

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With a CPM of $2, making money from your effort is guaranteed just even from when you are starting out. If your blog is still new, this is a wonderful opportunity to start earning even from your little effort. Then you can keep building your content to have more authority and have more traffic.

If you’re a publisher with an established site with huge traffic and you’re already using an ad network you can still combine with it Fomo ads network to earn more income.

Are you using Fomo Ads network, are you okay with them? What other ad networks are you using that you think is great and you could recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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