Bidvertiser Review: Pros and Cons of Bidvertiser

Are you seeking an alternative to Google Adsense, or you just want to combine Google Adsense with another ad network? This Bidvertiser Review will give you a quick idea of Bidvertiser and how to become a Bidvertiser Publisher.

Bidvertiser was founded in 2008. It is an ad network just like Google Adsense. Depending on the type of blog and the amount of traffic, Bidvertiser can also be a good Google Adsense alternative.

Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser provides banner, slider and pop-under ad formats for its publisher to display on their websites. Publishers on this ad network earn through cost per action (CPC), cost per impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC).

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Requirements to be a Bidvertiser Publisher

Not much is required to join this ad network.

  1. There is no language selection.
  2. There is no specific traffic requirement to become a Bidvertiser publisher
  3. Adult contents sites are not allowed. This is the same with most ad networks.

Bidvertiser Approval

No approval protocol – no waiting time. You join the ad network just by signing up. If you keep to their rules which are the same with most ad networks, you will not have any problem staying with this ad network.

Methods of Payment

Upon reaching the threshold which is 10 dollars, you can receive your money via any of the payment methods.

  1. PayPal (Check to see if PayPal works for your country)
  2. Check
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Payza

Pros and Cons of Bidvertiser


  1. Compatible with Adsense. Bidvertiser ads are compatible with Adsense since they are CPC.
  2. Options to choose from. There are a variety of ad formats to choose from which leaves the publisher with options.
  3. Small payout amount. For small publishers, it can be difficult to reach a larger threshold, but Bidvertiser makes it really easy to reach the threshold which is just $10.
  4. Income through Referrals and ads. Bidvertiser Publishers can make money from ads and referrals simultaneously.
  5. Instant approval. No time is required for approval. You join the network immediately you sign up.
  6. Improve bids. Bids from advertisers for your ad space improve as your websites progress. So as time passes and your site grows you begin to make more money.


  1.  Unrelated ads. Ads displayed on your site from this network sometimes do not match your content.
  2. Low clickthrough rate. Since the ads displayed are sometimes not in line with the content, visitors to your site are not likely to click on it. This causes a few numbers of visitors clicking on the ads. Google Adsense edges Bidvertiser here since they show related ads on their publishers’ websites and have more clickthrough rate.
  3. Low CPC. When compared to Adsense it has low a lower CPC.
  4. Poor ads quality. Sometimes the ads displayed can be of low quality considering how they appear. From my experience, sometimes the ads take too long to load on the site.

Bidvertiser Advertisers

Just like many other ad networks, the advertisers do the bidding for ad spaces in this ad network. The highest bidder is awarded the space on the publisher’s website.

Well, the ads are not displayed in accordance with the site contents. This can mean well for publishers and can also be bad considering the click through rate.

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Bidvertiser Available Ads Formats

Bidvertiser offers the following ads format

  1. Slide ads
  2. Catfish ads
  3. Pop-under ads
  4. XML feed integration


This ad network can be very bad for low-end publishers with very little traffic in terms of earning, yet you will be accepted and the next step is to improve on your site while earning the little you can earn. Bids will improve as your site improves.

Are you using Bidvertiser, are you okay with them? What other ad networks are you using that you think is great and you could actually recommend? Let me know using the comments box below!

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