Adsterra Ad Network Review: Pros and Cons

Adsterra ad Network founded in 2013 can be considered not too long in the business when compared with older ad networks. Though Adsterra is still new,  however, not many ads networks today is fast gaining much popularity like the Adsterra network.

Adsterra ad network
This no doubt can be attributed to the uniqueness of their ads format and their priority in rendering quality services. In other words, Adsterra Network is bent on ensuring that only quality sites are used to place adverts by advertisers. Adsterra just like so many ad networks offers to publishers various ad types to choose from.

Adsterra Ad Types Available

Adsterra Ad network offers the following ad type:

  1.  Pop-unders
  2. Display banners
  3. Direct links
  4. Interstitials
  5. Direct links
  6. Video banner
  7. Sticky footer
  8. Push-up Ads

Adsterra Ad Network Payment Options

Adsterra pays their publishers through the following payment options:

  1.  PayPal
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Webmoney
  4. Paxum
  5. Epayment
  6. Payza
  7. Through bank wire

Adsterra has different minimum payment for different payment platform.

  1. PayPal is $100 with less than 1% charge.
  2. Bitcoin is $100 with 0.1% charge.
  3. Webmoney is $100 with 8% charge.
  4. Paxum is $100 with $1 charge.
  5. EPayment is $100 no charge
  6. Bank wire is $1000 with $45 charge.

Adsterra Payment is made on the 1st and on 16th of every month. If these days fall on holidays then payment will be shifted to the following payment dates.

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Requirements for Advertisers

Advertisers must deposit a minimum of $500 to run an ad campaign. This goes to show the type of advertisers this ad company works with and how serious they are with what they are doing.

Requirements for Publishers

Adsterra has their own unique requirements before a publisher’s site is approved to join the program.

1. Your website must be fully up and running before it is approved. This will require that your website must not be under maintenance.

2.  Your website should not carry too many ads on a page that is 15+ banners and 5+ pops. If you are already using more than one ad network on your site, you should consider reducing some things.

3. Your website must have sufficient content. Create enough content on your site before applying.

4. A minimum of 5,000 unique traffic is required to join this ad network.

In addition,

Your website should not fall under any of the following categories below, as they will not be approved.

  1. Websites for hacking or phreaking.
  2. Websites that share pirated product.
  3. Websites with pornographic contents.
  4. Websites that promote illegal activity.
  5. Websites with fake traffic. Traffic coming from bots is not accepted.

Referral Programme

Adsterra pays 5% as referral commission to referrers. You can get referrals through your blog or social media.

Pros of Adsterra ad Network

  1. They have a 100% fill rate that is the ads are sure to appear at all times.
  2. Traffic coming from adult sites is accepted.
  3. Reliable customer care services
  4. High CPM both on mobile and desktop.

Cons of Adsterra ad Network

  1. Minimum payout is high.
  2. Low CPM in some countries.
  3. High pageview requirement.


Though Adsterra ad network gives quality to both their publishers and advertisers; they have excellence in tackling fraud which might come from the publisher’s site in form of using bots to drive traffic to sites, we do not recommend this ad network for new blogs because of the high minimum payout and the traffic requirement before joining the ad network. You can join when you are more established.

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